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My life is suffering a temporal anomaly...

*blink blink* it really still Monday? *wimper*

Short News Roundup...
- I hate people and their bureaucratic bullshit. *fist* Honestly, I have never understood why anyone would ever think that it's a good idea to cut education.

- Speaking of Education, I love my school and the educational material it creates. Evidently, this book - The Physics of Superheroes - will teach you all the physics you need to know through the lens of Superman, Spiderman, etc. You hear that, sbryan? Think of the time you could've saved in class!

- Oh snap, Martha. And she was just on the Daily Show too... Still, this article is rediculously snarky.

- OMG this article says Harry Potter is angsty now! Whaddaya mean now, white man? This is the most hilariously pathetic HP article I've ever seen.

- Hee! Lookit the picture! That is Tommy Lee, yo. This article isn't really that exciting, unless you're on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus and sick of theTommy Lee invasion... but it's got that picture!
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