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So I'm clubbing at the Gay 90's, right?

... the Gay 90's.

As in...
Ho-mo-sex-ual, right? And I'm dancing with my friends, because it's a club... a gay club. I've been stalked by viciously straight men all night, and suddenly there is one all up in my grill. I have a pact with my friend, she gets molested she kisses me. I get molested, I kiss her. We make a point, we move on because gay club, y'all.

Have I mentioned this was a gay club? 'Cause it totally is.

Yet, he is all over me so in accordance with the pact, I kiss her. Gay club. Girl kisses girl. Gay club. Gay?

Everyone freezes. The lights go up and everyone stares. Um, what the unholy hellfuck?! GAY CLUB! G-A-Y! Two girls kissing should not be a foreign phenomenon! People were staring like it was the first time they'd seen such an act in public. Same sex kissing in a gay club? What a novel idea! I mean... what the... seriously! No!

People... I just don't know.
Also, for the record...
Tags: angst, rant
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