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An Open Letter to Daylight Savings Time

Dear DST,

Can I call you DST? You don't mind? Cool.

Anyway, I need to talk to you about this whole hey-let's-set-the-clock-back-an-hour-in-the-fall thing. Don't get me wrong, I was very grateful for the extra hour of sleep, but there's a major logical fallacy I need to talk to you about.

So, Daylight Savings Time, you are supposed to save daylight, correct? 'Cause, I was taking out my dog at 4:30 this afternoon and the streetlights came on. It's 5:30 and it's dark. Where is the daylight? Where are the savings? If we don't get daylight, do we get monetary savings? I'd be all over that. However, it seems to me that Fall DST is the antithesis of saving daylight. It's flipping the bird to the sun, throwing an entire hour out the window, and laughing in the face of rhetoric. It is, in fact, stealing daylight from us, and forcing us to spend our winters in the dark after 4 p.m.

So, I'm here to ask you a very simple favor - just for my brain's sake. Can we change the fall change from "Daylight Savings Time" to "Daylight Stealing Time", "Daylight Seizing Time", "Daylight Shanghai-ing Time", or even "Daylight Slaughtering Time" if you prefer a more sensational edge? You wouldn't even have to change the abbreviation! Please? If only just to stay consistent with syntax? Feel free to take your time in thinking this over, we've got until next year. I'd just prefer the terminology to be applicable to the result.

Scared of Looking at the Clock
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