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its the amazing elastic plastic!

this stuff is so lame. Ring pops are fun though. It's snowing outside, there's maybe a half inch and it's really slushy. i want it to keep snowing . . i want to make a snowman.
i'm giving trumpet lessons! yay! thursday after school i'm giving my friend steph's little sister lessons. now i just dont know what on. i think i'm gonna do a bunch of scale excersizes to improve range and some of the lower pep band stuff as a bonus. it's gonna be fun! i just dont wanna cart my trumpet back and forth...maybe i'll use one of the ones at the middle school. or bring becky's pocket trumpet. or buy my own. i have money! woo!
i made taco soup today. its yumtastic. also i rented a gayass video game. but it keeps me entertained.
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