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turn about is fair play.

dude, today i got hacked. i probably deserved it, i was tracing the hacker when he was nuking rooms. but i didnt do anything. and the only thing he really did was lock up my trackers. Mercy? weird.

so bored. i miss vp. the super chat thing is super lame and no one is ever on it anymore. so blah. i cant even play battlship anymore. :-( i miss my battleship. and my gestures and tours. sigh some people are just stupid. i dont understand why they go out of their way to hurt someone. that's pathetic, and by doing something like that it just proves the weakness of that person. it saddens me.

tomorrow, i rest. i walk my dog. i take a bubble bath. i chill out. junk like that. finals are over and i did really well so i'm pleased.

Terminator is stupid.
how it ever got to have a sequal is beyond me. the first one was lame. ` rolls eyes's also amazing that the WWF attracts so many veiwers. says alot about human intelligence and de-evolution.

I got a really cool bracelet! its black and an inch thick and says stuff in like 4 different languages in white letters. and it makes no sense. so i love it. i'm easily amused. i also got harry potter rings today. envy me.
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