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News Roundup: Ketchup!

So this is what happens when Shelby doesn't read her f-list all weekend because she's freakin' out about a party... she goes back 140 entries and plays catch-up. So, without further ado, News Roundup! Ketchup edition.

Awesome Awards
- As if he wasn't already awesome enough, Stephen Colbert either wrote a LotR fanfic or is endorsing whoever did, and it is fantastic. "You can't fight a war against abstract nouns!" Seriously, it's hilarious and the essence of genius.

- I hear tell that Kanye wants to sample Like Spinning Plates by Radiohead. Rock on!

- Scooter done got himself indicted. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. MmmmmmKarma.

- National Novel Writing Month begins tomorrow! If only I had the time! Ugh! Someday... Who here is doing it?

Craptastic Awards
- A woman in Delaware done hung herself, and her body stayed hanging in a tree for hours because people thought she was a Halloween decoration. Ew, I tell you what. Naturally, my theater group is using this as the basis of our piece, and I get to be the one strung up by the neck. What is it with my theater groups and wanting to see me hanged? I'm seeing a pattern.

- The Most Annoying Post Award goes to a_w who has taken to polluting my music communites with multicolored, humungo-fonts and terrible grammar. Seriously, music communities can be dangerous y'all. There's always at least one rabid fan that's all: "OMG leik, do u guyz no how many remixes of that 1 song that wuz overplayed but i luv it anywayz cuz its SOOOOO good and this band is SOOOOO hott!" (I think I actually hurt myself writing that. Ow.) Inevitably they change the font color after every letter and often type in all caps because what they have to say is so important... and I think my eyes are bleeding.

- Some 1,000 Exxon Mobile employees were given fake flu shots. People, I just don't know.

- Daylight savings time has really been screwwing with me. I keep thinking that my clock is wrong or that I'm going to be late - even though I'd totally just be early. Plus, it's so effing dark, man!

El Jay Related
- As many of you know, iharthdarth has retired. This is truly tragic, right up there with Bill Watterson's retirement for yours truly. Still, if you haen't experienced this delightful little comic strip, you should definitely do so. Thankfully, they'll always be there and the legacy will live forever. *tearsniff*

- They're still messin' up the NO reconstruction. Priorities, y'all.

- incroyable is back! Huzzah! Whee fanfic!

- stoicism wins for best icon I've seen in a long time.

- *points to calendar* Check out who updated every day this month! *bounces* I'm a writer!

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