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Happy Halloween, yo.

Last night was happy indeed... I seem to have acquired a brown leather jacket, fairie wings, some rockin candy from Japan, and a bunch of Nic's rings.

Also some rather interesting carpet stains. (Ew.)

It is cold outside, man.

In other news, I am never letting Nic bartend ever again. Not that I don't love him, but ... no.

I still want to go trick-or-treating, but I don't think people would recieve a pirate hooker very well. Ho hum.

Today is Rosa Parks' funeral.

Stryden is beyond hopeless. I took their time sheets all the way to the airport, which was supremely irritating. This morning I get a call, "omg they're out of time sheets!" *facepalm* Honestly, people.

CNN - "Nursing is the essence of caring." ...and caring is the essence of beauty!

Class can be overrated. Oh well. Off I go.
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