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Can I just say...

I love livejournal's festivities.

Also, our pumpkins are going to be fantastic. Cameras need to be involved. I did the sketches on them today, and plan on carving them tomorrow. Mmmmmm, punkin' seeds.

Also, Halloween is a ridiculously delightful holiday. On my way to Jacqui's party I saw a witch and a skeleton in the SUV next to us. The skeleton waved and I was extremely amused. Jacqui's party was a lot of fun, we watched Young Frankenstein and 'twas a good time. I can't wait for our party tomorrow.

Also, Nightmare Before Christmas is still one of my favorite movies. I love it to a point that is truly obscene.

Also, I'm a touch tipsy.


Also, I hate French accents. Just so you know.
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