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The Joys of Espresso 22

Allow me to recommend a delightful dining establishment to all y'all here in Minneapolis: Espresso 22.

It's in the Dinkydome and the owner is nice as nice can be. I can't place where his accent is from, but he's totally one of the most generous men on the face of the planet. I didn't have any money - because who actually carries money anymore? - and they don't take cards, so he offered to give me my lunch for free - saying I could just pay him for it the next time I came in. Jigga what, now?

I honestly could never do such a thing. I don't know why. A lot of people I know would be all over it, but in trying to convince me and Faith he gave me a huge sandwich "sample." Well, the hummus sandwich is beyond delicious and delightfully *vegematarian, so I went down to TCF, cashed a check, and got some dinero to buy our lunches.

Now, I knew the sandwich was going to be scrumptious but I didn't know it would be so massive. I got about a quarter of the way through it and now I am so stuffed that I fear I may explode. Later, he brought out some additional free food for Faith and I, just 'cause he's awesome. It's all delicious, and ambiance is soothing, and c'mon - who doesn't like knowing the owner of the establishment is a great human beng?

Also, they've got chess there and books to pick up if you're just getting coffee, want something to do, and whatnot. I've been there a bunch of times before today's visit, but this was too fantastic to go unmentioned.

*Vegematarian = Spelled incorrectly for phonetic purposes.

On a completely unrelated note, the Mac computer I'm on right now in Walter Library is beyond wack. I've had to find so many creative ways to navigate that it actually hurts me a little bit. I want to raise my fists to the heavens and denounce the notion that Macs are always easier to use. Granted, this one has evidently been "causing problems" but still, not cool. At least I know I can outsmart the machine in its attempts to thwart my mid-day netsurf.
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