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Breaking News!


Cheney done told Libby about Plame according to yon linked Yahoo! article that was posted 56 minutes ago!
Oh, snap y'all! That means Libby is a liar-face who didn't necessarily get his information from reporters, contrary to his testimony. I wish we would have known about this before the Floyd Abrams speech! Bah! The plot still thickens!

On a horribly disheartening note, Rosa Parks passed away at 92.

Wikipedia is seriously our current Hitchhiker's Guide, "containing much that is apocryphal - or at least wildly innacurate." - Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

gas prices are like, dropping or some shit. What you mean like, conserving gas and being more environmentally conscious actually works? Who'da thunk?

Al Roker beefed it on television while he was filming live in the middle of Hurricane Wilma, even though his camera guy was ankering his boots with his body. I'm waiting for that to come out on ifilm or hopefully the Daily Show website so I can link it here and laugh at it repeatedly.

On a similar note, evidently they're giving away the Daily Show couch. You can enter the sweepstakes once a day, and I'm totally doin' it.

The new Honda Civic commercial uses the Postal Service for its music, and that makes me die a little bit.

Also, the ever-so-talented-and-handsome Robbie (a.k.a poivrepauvre), was just cast as Jacob (the Maid) in the Birdcage with Minneapolis Musical Theater. Mad props, yo!
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