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Things Wot Are Not Normal

List of Bzuh?
- It's Saturday, and I've been awake since 7:30. I don't do that during the week! Morning and I still don't get along too well.

- I can beat my brother at a video game. The Hell?

- Cannot reach Matt at all. Normally he's online or has the phone, but no dice. Brian said he's sleeping on the couch, so I might just go over and wake him up. I don't think anyone would care too much.

- Shane picked up his phone when I called yesterday! Another thing that never happens.

- I've done like 4 loads of laundry already, which is strange. I didn't realize that much laundry could get done that quickly... maybe it's just because I hate it a lot and forget to check the time when I'm up in Minneapolis.

- My labrador is huge! I can't believe how massive she is! She's such a beautiful beast. I guess I'm too used to Gucci. Still, a 90 lb animal is massive, regardless of what you're used to.

- Nothing has changed in this town, besides the fact that my parents cut down a tree in our backyard. 0_o Eep.

... yeah I think I'm going to grab some lunch and ambush Matt now.
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