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Take Your Dog to Work Day

So, in the process of finding new and creative ways to get fired, I brought my dog to the office today.

Yes, that's right. Gucci is sitting with me in the office right now. I am listening to rap on my iPod, I have my feet on the desk, and I am stickin' it to the man! I figured Gucci might whine and I could annoy him with her presence, but no dice. Everyone in the office loves her, and I think I may have started a revolution.

I had planned on quitting today, but my seniors aren't working today. Tim and Sonya are both M.I.A, so unfortunately that'll have to wait. I told Ashleigh I was thinking about it though, and she practically begged me not to ... but... c'mon. Granted, I literally get paid to sit and wait for people who may or may not show up - and in today's case not. I haven't seen a single soul. I've just been chillin' with the beagle and waiting for 5 to roll around so faithlynn, Gucci and I can hop in the car and book it to Wisconsin for the weekend.

On a completely unrelated note, Faith and I are rockin' the McDonald's Monopoly thing. If anyone gets a boardwalk tab, let me know. I'll give you like, a thousand bucks for it once we win our million. *wink*
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