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There's Gabby...the talkative... and annoying...

yaaawwwnn . man... today was beautiful. slightly depressing, a little boring, but beautiful. then again, i also sustain that it was ugly. dealing with the altogether too evident and still nagging situation . but that probably wont go away. not for awhile anyway.

manda is getting married, i'm very happy for her. i hope it's what it seems though. i'd hate for her to be let down again, she's been through so much it's about time it stopped. Also, i wish i could help regan feel better. i know whats eating at her with adam because it's devouring me too. i wanna kidnap her and run away, i love her and she's been through enough hurt too. why do the good people suffer?

monday i dont have school. i'm so glad. i'm just gonna grab some me time. i hope it's nice outside, i'll walk my dog or something therapuetic and gay, with - of course - the toothiest smile.
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