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Does no one remember the Hindenburg?

There is an abundance of blimps floating around in Minneapolis all of a sudden. The hell? First we had the "Enough is Enough!" blimp, which may or may not belong to the Libertarians. Now, we have another blimp that looks almost exactly the same, care of Fox News. It says "No excuses, just results." Plus, it lights up at night. There is literally no escape. Someone...anyone, really... please, I am begging you, shoot that puppy down. This is a one-blimp town... and even that is pushin' it.

The Colbert Report kicked itself off tonight. We recorded it, and dear God, it's fantastic. He kicked it off with the following line:

"Why did the chicken cross the road? To start a pandemic!"

... or something like that. Still, great man. If you didn't catch it, come over and watch it. You know you want to. Word of the night, "Threat Down", shameless self promotion... it's golden.

Also, Taco Bell Sauce Packets are so beyond amusing. For example:
- "Where are you taking me?"
- "It's can say it. I love you too."
- "Nice palm. I read a great deal of pleasure in your future."
- "Mmmmmmmmmm....Sauce."
- "Bike tires scare me."

The last one is my personal favorite.

I ran into my cousin John in Calhoun Square. He's performing Triple Espresso again, but in the cities now. We're gonna hang out sometime soon, because he lives literally a few blocks away. It's fanastic, hopefully he'll like... come over and make us all laugh ourselves silly. Oh, and yes, I totally get to go see the show for free. *brushes shoulder* Ahhh, connections.

In other news, I have a paper due tomorrow. Have I written it? No. Have I started it? No. Will I write it tonight? ...Maybe. What can I say? Panic is my muse. (That, and I hate the topic. But, y'know...)

... ok fine. I'll write the bastard. But I won't like it! *grumble grumble*

P.S. Dolly Parton is adorable.

ETA: I just saw a commercial, where two trucks "faced off", and one of the trucks pissed itself. Christ, I hate advertising. (P.S. You know that ad was created by a man.)
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