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Some people's kids...

FEMA employees are wasting your tax dollars in new and exciting ways! Is this ever going to get better? Evidently not, because here we go again.

Also, because mattador is super-mega-hyper-thuggin'...
japhethtrisko: I should never be allowed to start talking about freestyle rap on AIM
japhethtrisko: had to post it to immortalize my shame

In other news, being an au pair in Europe is starting to seem like it would be a really good idea. Hmm...

Also, I am ridiculously jealous of Aaron, Damon, Jacky, and Clair's camping trip. I have been in love with Gooseberry Falls for years... and I tried to convince the girlies to go but they didn't wannnnnaaaaa. Ugh. Cranky. At least this weekend Faith and I will be going back to Wisconsin, and can scamper about the bluffs.

It's been a beautiful couple of days. I love October. It's delicious.
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