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No, Pastor. Harry Potter is not a gardener.

Get ready for the best. latin phrase. ever...

Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus.
"Never tickle a sleeping dragon."
- Hogwarts Motto.

I just about died when I read that. It's probably in one of the books somewhere and I forgot about it but, c'mon! That is a riot! It's even correctly translated and all that jazz. Anyway, the real reason I'm writing about Harry Potter besides the fact that I am obsessed and the movie is totally-coming-out-next-monthomgSQUEE! is because the hyper-conservative Christians are now trying to snuff out the Harry Potter fandom with a thoroughly ridiculous comic book, called Hairy Polarity. See below.

I really think you should go through and read the first couple pages, because they're hilarious. At first I thought they were mocking the fundamentalist, Anti-Harry-Potter Christians that are all up in arms about children reading about witchcraft, but as you go on you realize that they're totally serious. It's charged with bible verses, and they've got the Adam and Eve scenario goin' and everything.

What's even funner is the fact that they try to incorporate what they obviously believe is hip slang. On the third page, *Minnie* literally says, "we could have shown her some of our phat story ideas," because everyone that reads Harry Potter doesn't really want to become a witch or wizard, they just want to be a novelist! For real, yo. It's "off the chain" in terms of the funny. "No Diggity." Word... all the way to "Professor Dumbitdown."

Anyway, kraorh wrote a little somethin' somethin', about it and about the guy who apparently made it. Definitely check it out, if only to see Tim Todd's wife's hair, because it is also hilarious.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna go "lie on the benches", and "don the sunglasses", and I am definitely gettin' me some "brew of brainstretching."

For real though, I think I am going to buy this because we all know "the only hope for America is Jesus."

ETA: The Truth for Youth website is also ridiculously amusing. They've got tons of comics ranging from porn and homosexuality to drunkenness and rock music. This is too good.
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