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distractions rock.

and cruel people suck. I dont understand some people, but i'm pretty sure they may just be evil incarnate. =]so just try and deal.

Tonight, i get to watch Shrek and eat free fattening pizza. not like i've eaten anything else today though... i know. i'm terrible.

got done with finals and all is peachy. i got a 99 on my college prep english one! wo0o0o! and i got an A in spanish and i got an A on my freakin Trig final! WOO! man i feel like a brain, and it makes me feel really ... ugh.

weather is beautimus. imma go for a walk in like 2 minutes. cuz it's so peachy. it's like 55. and sunny, and breezy, and it's just fantabulous. it's like spring all over again. i went out and bought some daisies today for my room just because. i have a lot of energy, even at work i couldnt sit down and normally i'm just dead cuz it's 6:30 in the morning and i'm at work. eh, oh well.
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