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News Roundup: *SQUEE!* Edition.

LOST in Telinvasion
- LOST in 20 min! We're having a viewing party, and it's gonna be great.

- Invasion in 1h20m! We'll kick off the new community, invadetheglades, and it will be wonderful!

Squee-worthy Recently Aquired Things
- Nintendo! With Super Mario & Duck Hunt, Super Mario 2, Super Mario 3, Tetris, Captain America, and Dragon Warrior - or something.

- Diddy Kong Racing!

- New SHOES! (Ok fine, so I am a female. Just... keep it on the down low)

- Went to the Express Fall Sale, and got some rockin' clothes. Cheap rockin' clothes! All the better... I kinda can't wait to wear them.

Assorted Squee
- Gucci is apparently feeling much better.

- Today is a good day.
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