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Raging against the washing machine...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again but son of a bitch, I hate laundry. I did two massive loads today, and still have four more. I ran out of quarters though, and it was beyond tragic. It's the one chore that is never done, and it sucks.

Can we postpone Monday? I'm not ready yet. I think we should petition... can I get an amen, somebody?

I've been cleaning all day, which also sucks. Still, it needs to get done - but isn't near finished yet. I need a few more days of just hardcore cleaning, then life can resume as usual. Still, we returned Nic's TV, VCR, DVD Player and stereo and whatnot. Suddenly, we have a ton of room and it is beyond luxurious. Yet after moving his stuff out, then into his place, and moving our entire living room around, I am beyond exhausted.

Also, we're missing a wire for the stereo. It didn't get shipped, which kind of sucks - but I'm sure we can get another one. Plus, it still sounds incredible and we got a Scooby Doo DVD for free, because they forgot to take it out before the sent the stereo. Faith and I got a good laugh out of that. Anyway, the stereo is sexy and the sound quality blows my mind. Words literally fail me, and that's sayin' somethin'.

In other news, my Mom is such a spaz. She apparently called a few days ago, and someone else answered my phone for me - so she thought I got bumped off and that someone had stolen my cell phone. She checked here to make sure I was still posting, and therefore alive. I think that's hilarious, and a slogan is waiting in there somewhere. "Livejournal: Putting the Paranoid Mind to Rest Since 1989" or something like that. I wonder if there's a Worrywarts Anonymous out there somewhere, 'cause she should totally join.

Forecast for this Evening: Unconscious with a chance of Dreams.

ETA: I gotta get me one of these.
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