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I got the boomboom

And yes, Dadas, I do dance to my own personal boomboom.

It is a beautiful fall day, and I am going to take the dog out and it will be glorious. Everyone should be outside playing frisbee. I might have to go buy one, actually.

CNN uses Google Earth? Weird...

We owned the Fedex man today. He had like, 40 pounds worth of stuff for us. The stereo is here! I can't wait to hook it up and hear the boomboom and the wompwomp. It's silver and sexy.

Craigslist is getting airtime on CNN right now too. Haha... I love craigslist.

I also love this weather, so I'm going outside.

ETA: What is this bird flu thing? Avian flu? Anyone have any good links on it? I haven't really done any research, but I've heard some doomsayers that have piqued my interest.



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Oct. 8th, 2005 03:50 am (UTC)
Hello muffins, nice to see yr happy :)

The bird thing seemed like an epidemic and then uhh... wherever it was... somewhere in asia? They suddenly came out and said the death toll on birds was only three, which falls under the "do not panic" category... people are suspecting bullshit on their part.

Well that's what I heard on the news as I munched my weetbix

- cal
Oct. 8th, 2005 07:21 am (UTC)
See, in my neck of the woods they're projecting a pandemic where some 1.25 million people will contract this avian flu, and if so 20,000 people will die.

I haven't heard much about it, but my bullshit meter is in the red. I mean c'mon, a couple of years ago they told us that we were all doomed because killer bees were coming and they'd sting us into a painful, poisonous coma from which there would be no return! Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn...

Did it happen? Ahhhh no, not so much.
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