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News Roundup! TV and Whining Edition

Assorted Bitchings
- I have a headache like you wouldn't believe. This is like the third night in a row that this has happened, and it's not making me happy.

- Also, it's cold. Why is there no fall transition? Why is it going to be 37 tonight? Seriously, the weather has been freaking out this year. (What the hell?!? Channel 5 uses WeatherBug?!?!?) Massive hurricanes, hellish flooding, and general shchyzophrenic happenings. The apocalypse is like, so nigh.

- I need to get some sleep tonight, because I have to go to work tomorrow and I'm not so much with the happy about that. That and I don't want to listen to people whine about the Pizza Hut pizza we just had delivered, but is not apparently up to par. I totally called it, when I said "Trust me, you don't want Pizza Hut. Just go with Pappa John's." and now I'm having a really having difficulty supressing the I-told-you-so.

LOST in Telinvasion
- Lost irritated me tonight. I wanted to punch both Jack and Locke in the face. Guh. Still, I really want to know what they're gonna do with the responsibility of hatch-duty now, where Desmond is going to go, and generally what the hell is going on. Yeah, even moreso with the hooked. Why does it only on once a week? *insert sulking here*

- Invasion was pretty intense. Hopefully we'll get the recaps out quickly, we've got good notes and all that. _the_invasion had a discussion entry that started at 8 for all the Canadians out there, but was kind of bare. Personally, I prefer real-time interaction, so I'll probably host one here for all my fellow Central Standard (GMT -6?) Invasion addicts. Plus, it gives some fodder for recapping.

- Also, new Weeds! Huzzah! This show has really taken a bunch of weird turns, and isn't really tieing up any of its loose ends. It's really good at introducing characters and concepts, but it's not so much with the closure. Nancy seems to have this bakery, but we never see her baking anymore. We just see her running around with massive bricks of marijuana, as though she's abandoned the edibles for the smokey-smokey. Maybe we're supposed to just assume but it kind of irritates me. That's not the only loose end though, and I'll probably post more on this later.

- The Daily Show never ceases to rock my socks off. If you missed tonight's episode, catch it on the flipside. So good. I won't give spoilers... yet. *cackle*

- Word on the street is Katie Holmes is pregnant. Why do people that should not breed insist on doing so? Britney Spears, now this? Now there's no escaping it, one of these two children is the antichrist. It's just inevitable.

- Adam Corolla really irritates me. Am I the only one?
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