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How much does work suck?

Let me count the ways...

1. We have no mailbox key. I have no idea how much mail we have, or where it's from.
2. We have no fax machine. Tim took it.
3. We have no envelopes, because Tim took them. So I'm pretty much S.O.L. on sending things to the hq.
4. We have no pens, because Tim took them.
5. We have no logic, no communication, no noffink.
6. We have no documents. All applications, past time sheets, notes, etc that someone might ask about... gone. You guessed it, Tim took 'em.

So in short, I'm left here with two computers - one that barely works, empty file cabinets, and corporate asking me a metric crapton of questions that I can't answer because I don't have any resources. Not only that, but they want me to send stuff to them, so I took one of the payroll envelopes only to found out that we don't have stamps! Not on.

Also, it is rainy and humid. It is gross, and I think I should be given the day off of school. I am terrified of the upcoming weekly quiz. Mmy ego is in critical condition, y'all. Furthermore, I don't wanna sit through the retarded goldfish's class for 2 ungodly hours, or do anything at all, really. I just want to play on my panpipes. Or sit in bed with hot chocolate and a good book.

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Hah! My sex drive will eat your face, RAWR!
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