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why am i so fucking stupid and keep liking guys i'll either never be able to keep or never be able to get in the first place? GOD! it's not like he even actually cares. I mean sure . . .

he's nice . he's funny . he's smart . he's talented .

And then there's me.

i'm not always nice. the only way i'm funny is in the way i look. i'm smart, but brains wont get you a date. Talented? maybe. Me. the dork. me the band nerd. me the book worm. me the manic depressant. Ugly little pathetic me. Why the hell, out of all the friends he has should i even think that i have a chance? i dont. and that is the bottom line. So many girls like him. Girls he actually knows. He doesnt even talk to me unless i talk to him first. why do i keep wasting my time? why does it hurt so much to be me?
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