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Open Letters: Wishful Thinking

An Open Letter to My Clock
Dear Father Time,

I'm in a bit of a fix. I have a metric crapload of reading to do this weekend. Granted, if I devote all of tonight and tomorrow to the cause I could get it done, but I want some "me" time. I need my R&R; specifically, my bike rides and walks around the lake before the big freeze comes and I lock myself indoors and burrow into a mountain of soft, warm textiles. I'd also like time to crochet, clean my room, and most importantly - see a movie or four. God knows how much I've been looking forward to seeing Corpse Bride. I just haven't really had the time. So, I'm just wonderin' if you'll do me a huge favor and extend the weekend by oh, 4 days. I'll owe you one.

The Procrastinator


Another Open Letter to My Broccoli

I'm glad you seem to have read my previous letter and taken it to heart. You were much easier to consume this time around, chopsticks and all. My gratitude is beyond sincere, and deeper than the ocean.

Many thanks,
The (temporarily full) Veggiemonster


Open Letter to the Retarded Goldfish
Oi! Wanker! "Teacher!"

Quit sucking! Plzkthnxdie.

Paying-too-much-to-put-up-with-your-bullshit Student


Open Letter to Green Day

Wake up. September is over.

Punctuality McCalendar
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