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iTunes Update = Death of Music

Is anyone else having this problem with iTunes 5.1? About 30 or so seconds into the song it starts crackling and it's driving me insane. If there's a brilliant solution out there, I'll be forever grateful.

However, music will be saved this evening - hopefully. This is assuming that Ari Herstad opening the show doesn't ruin the concert for us all. The Profits are playing at the Varsity Theater for 5 bucks - having a CD release party actually. We're going, and I'm really looking forward to it. I love their demo that we grabbed when they were playing in library mall on campus. They're very Dispatch and Guster-esque. Anyone who likes Dispatch, Guster, Jack Johnson, and/or Coldplay will love this band. Their lyrics are pretty rockin' too. Anyway, I like 'em a lot. They get a superb recommendation from the likes of me. If you go to their site, you can hear a preview. I recommend it. If you are free tonight, come check 'em out.
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