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What is that confounded pounding?

Ok, either our apartment building is falling apart or our new neighbors are a pair of wildebeests. All day we've heard nothing but giant, ominous sounding thunk!s and wham!s, and it's starting to worry me. The entire floor just shook, and I'm a little concerned.

In other news, my dog is horrifying when she dreams. She twitches like all dogs do, but she also makes really bizarre noises and her eyes are half open and rolling. It's like she's possessed. I feel bad about waking her, but it gives me the creeps.

Mmmm. Avocado Bruschetta. *chomp*

So, I've got a lot of notes from Invasion, and they're pretty jumbled. We'll see what happens. Faith and I will get that out tomorrow. I got Sean hooked on the show though. I seem to be good at getting people addicted to television programs.

Anyway, bed sounds like a good idea. So, I leave with my babb_chronicles cut. Au revoir!
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