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News Roundup! Jon Stewart love edition

- Anna Nicole Smith is bringing her gimme-money-for-my-sex-you-rich-bastard case to the Supreme F'in Court. I believe I speak for everyone when I say, "what the unholy hellfuck?" Furthermore, she will represent herself. (At least, thats what Jon Stewart says. GOTCHA!)

- The Profits are performing on Friday at the Varsity Theater.

- Apples are apparently delicious this year. The crop is rockin' it hard, because of the shitty weather. Get out there and get a caramel apple! It's Autumn now, dammit all.

- Viggo Mortensen came on the Daily Show, and promptly pulled rubber snakes and rubber lizards out of his water. He then proceeded to pull plastic reptiles out of his pockets and hurl them into the audience. So. Much. Love.

School Hilarity
- Reptilian Hot Button. That is all.

- Except not, there are also poorly shaven Uni-brows.

- Also, doom. Doom and Burnination. Apparently, advertising is going to destroy the earth. At least, that's what Mssr. Unibrow told us.

- Reptilian Motherfuckin' Hot Button, man!

- I now own Whore, and everyone who wants to watch it with me is more than welcome.

- I, Robot was a severely underrated movie, and I'm thinking about parodying it since we are fortunate enough to have it on demand.

- LOST tomorrow! If there is another thunderstorm, I will be crazygonuts. I can't wait to figure out what's up with Mssr. Quarantine and what's goin on in the hatch of crazy. I think he's been controling Lostzilla, but there's still the waterlogged "not-that-button" Waltogram.

- New Weeds! I don't know what to make of this episode. I'm sure watching it a few times with the rest of the addicts will help.

- Saw the Second City for free yesterday, and I almost choked on the funny. I love me some comedy.

- Class with the retarded goldfish was CANCELED! So, I read in the sun for about 2 hours and it was delightful.

- My alarm clock is like, broken. Today marks the second day that it just didn't necessarily feel inclined to sound any form of alarm.

- The straps on my tank-top went to hell today. My boobs would have been everyone's business if I hadn't kept my track jacket on.

- Faith made cookies. Yum, omg.

- Also, bedbedhibed*snoooooore*.
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