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Insert Copious Amounts of Whining Here

I don't wanna do my homework! *stamp*

I don't wanna read my sterile textbooks! *pout* They are boring and obscenely pedantic. If they were people, they would never get laid, wear the same outfit for 40 years, and retire to absolute solitude - excepting 20 or so cats, and a bajillion pairs of perfectly mated socks. Instead, they just collect dust on their respective shelves whilst I flail about in protest.

I don't wanna go to work tomorrow. *defiant head-shake* It's early and I'm lazy, and I think I have to meet the new girl and she sounds mean. I just... no.

I don't want it to be raining. *grumble* It's wet. It's cold. It's bloody miserable. It's been grey and gloomy all weekend and I am not ok with that. Get with the program, September. If it rains tomorrow, I doubt I'll get out of bed. WeatherBug tells me that it'll be sunny and fabulous tomorrow, but that bastard has lied to me before so I'm not betting.

I want there to be a new episode of Weeds. *sigh* It would beautifully facilitate this undignified procrastination. Plus, OMGWTFPENNIES?!

I want to go camping. Like, tent-in-the-middle-of-bumblefuck-nowhere camping. I want s'mores, campfire stories, sleeping bags, hiking, and crunchy leaves. I want out, goddamnit. *arm cross*

I want someone to cook for me. *teeth-grind* I'm hungry, and I want chile relleno but have not the supplies nor the recipe. I also don't have the time. Still, I'm hungry. Feed me!

I want to be able to teleport. *foot-tap de irritation* That would be awesome, and would solve a lot of problems. I'd go to work all the time. I'd be a punctual person. Plus, I could visit anyone, anywhere, anytime. Plus, I really kinda just want to cuddle with Alex right now. Hrmph. Freakin' physics, man.

Bah Humbug, y'all.
Tags: angst, blatant acts of procrastination, school, weeds, work
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