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and the fun commenses!

man i freaking hate this keyboard. it's so loud i feel like i'm disturbing the rest of the world during their final. =/ oh well, half of them are done anyway . the rest'll just have to deal i guess. I did exceptionally well on my phy ed exam seeing as i didnt study at all. then again, when do i? boredom. lots of it. Had the gang over for lunch. It was cool, jamming out to FIF and stuff and goofing around. We started watching Empire Records again. why not? its a great movie. well, it's barely even 1:20 and i get out of here at two. =/ sucky sucky! dont wanna stay here. but hey, it's all good. tomorrow is gonna be torture with all the exams i have .

College Prep , Trigonometry , Spanish

Man, Cambridge isnt quite so bad i guess. It could be worse. Its kind of amazing how one little thing can change so much of your life. Well, i'm really thankful for my play practice. All those people are just hilarious. - It's Our Town! - I'm Rebecca now cuz the girl that had her part quit because it wasnt a big enough part for her. i happen to like it! it's small enough for my first real speaking part and i dont really have too much acting to do. I just pretend too hate Xerox, which i already do. Its in the bag yo.

As for friends, they're pretty cool for the moment. however Lindsay is harrassing me so i'll let her have this thingie ma bob...
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