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News Roundup! Stevens Point Edition

Well, I find that my impulses have lead me to Stevens Point, WI. Kind of odd, seeing as the plan to get here was thrown together in about, oh, 4 hours total. Still, here I am. Good ol' Wisconsin, thankfully not "home". Anyway, I have a buttload of reading to do, so on with the Roundup.

News Roundup!
- September still sucks. Another second cousin is in the path of Hurricane Rita. The weather here is horrible too. Cold, damp, and about to be very rainy.

- The car ride was interesting. It seemed really short, but it was fun. I like Dana, she's a cool cat.

- One of the freshman we were riding with is from Wisconsin, and has never experienced a Minnesota winter. When she asked if it was "really any different", Dana and I launched into a fit of hysterics. I told her to buy a parka.

- I have a feeling this winter is going to be hell. Something in my bones just tells me it's going to be a harsh, grueling winter.

- It was windy as hell yesterday when I was sitting at the McDonalds in Eau Claire, waiting for Alyssa to get there so we could pass the time during my layover. I miss her, and I have a feeling that we'll stay really good friends probably for the rest of our lives. She gave me some pictures, a book of haikus from a certifiably insane woman who lives in the jungle by herself, and some wish bracelets. We had a very charming talk, and met some interesting people.
Person A: I met in the bathroom. She was on her way to Minneapolis from Madison and was fixing her hair. She lent me some hairspray and we were talking about the cities and I gave her some recommendations on where to go. Very amiable.
Person B: Had walked to the McDonalds from goddamn Chippewa falls because her family was supposed to pick her up at noon. However, it was 6:00 when I met this woman and she had just gotten off the phone with her sister, who had just left fucking Janesville to come and get her. She wanted to buy a cigarette, so I gave her one for free and gave her a dollar to go get something off the dollar menu - as she hadn't eaten anything all day. I would have given her more, but it was all the cash I had on me. Anyway, also very amiable.

- The drive to Stevens Point was quite lovely. The sunset was gorgeous, and Alex and I had a good time making fun of one another. We passed someone he knows from school on the freeway, and had an interesting game of phone-tag and deception. Parties were discussed but in the end we just stayed in. I'm glad for that, I was pretty beat due to the fact that I was running on 3 hours of sleep and had spent a good 8 hours in transit. We watched King Arthur, ate mashed potatoes, and slept.

- Alex is still sleeping. Boooooooooring. Heh...

- I am hungry.
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