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Ok, so I don't know if the recordings worked because of all the switching we had to do due to the storm crap. However, I am very glad that it's back. Still, damn you J.J. Abrams.

I totally called the fact that Flash!Jack was jogging with Mssr. Quarantine. Go me! Now, uh... paper. Crap!

ETA: Invasion show might actually be decent. It's trying to be very LOST-ey in my opinion, and granted the concept is totally cliche and there are things that are completely unlikely, but it's at least suspensful. Still, omgwtf-ALIENS!
ETA2: THIS SHOW IS HORRIFYING! We all just screamed! Angry lights and alien skeletons and WHAT-IN-THE-UNHOLY-HELLFUCK IS GOING ON? I think my brain just 'sploded.
ETA3: In LOST, the man Sarah hit in the car accident was in fact, Mr. Rutherford. As in, Shannon Rutherford. I don't know if the spelling of that is right, but... yeah.
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