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"I love you like a rap kid loves breaks."

Today has been ... pretty shitty all around, actually. I'm not gonna lie.

I suffered at the hands of the retarded goldfish again today. "Limited subjected matter." and "It disappearance." He wrote that on the board. Needless to say, I died a little bit.

Not to mention, I called Sela, the people we rent from, about the electricity bill and the woman was the biggest. bitch. EVER. Not only that, but I found out that Randy conveniently forgot to give us some vital information... we were supposed to have the gone through the apartment together for "check in" procedures and he hasn't done it yet. And we've been here for like 4 months. That really irritates me. Plus, I feel super-mega-hyper poor. I need a different job.

In other news, we have made some amazing discoveries with our TV in the past 24 hours.

1. We can pause our TV at any point in time. This is amazing. No more waiting for commercial breaks to get food, go to the bathroom, or take out the dog! Huzzah!

2. Watching random movies on Showtime and HBO is always an excellent idea. Out of nowhere, we noticed the movie Whore, aka Yo Puta, or as released in America "The Life", with Daryl Hannah and Denise Richards. We were expecting it to be relatively "whorrible". It's half fiction half documentary, and it's fucking gorgeous. Truly a beautiful film. If you can, check it out. I'm getting it on DVD, so if you're lucky enough to live in the area, c'mon over and we'll have a glorious time watching it.

- Alex is comin' back tomorrow! Huzzah!
- Grant's last day is tomorrow. Major suck.
- Hi Friday! How's it goin', Friday! I love you, Friday!
- Party tomorrow, eh?
- I am in love with David Spade. Yep. Totally. 100%. So fuckin' cute.
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