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Lovely weather we're having, eh chaps?

My eye just started watering... what the hell?

Seriously though, it's gorgeous today. 68 degrees and sunny, without much humidity. I can't not ride my bike to school today, tuberculsis or no. I am feeling slightly better, after coughing myself into a coma last night. I slept like a rock. Right through my alarm, in fact. I woke up when Grant called, wondering why I wasn't at work. Woops, I guess. It sucks that he's quitting... I think Tim wants to put me in charge now. That's the last thing I want, and so, the job hunt resumes.

'Twas a lovely morning though. Coffee outside in the sunlight... and today is a short day of classes! Speaking of classes, I better get a move on. I can't wait until the weekend. It will be glorious.
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