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How do I get away with this stuff?

I'm sitting at work... which totally blows because it's Saturday. Still, it's money and as Grant has pretty much decided to throw in the towel, I have even more license to slack off than normal. Today we played badminton for about an hour. I've been here since 9:45 am... and have really only entered 4 applications. That's like... one app per hour which is pretty sad. Yet, the power was out for the first hour at least, and then another hour was spent on physical excersize, and then I spent a good half hour doing origami. So far, I have a Samurai hat, a goldfish, and a frog that actually jumps. There's only one hour left of this miserable excuse for a job fair that has only seen two applicants. After that, I think I'll go home and do some laundry so I have something decent to wear to Marcus' going away party.

I am really gonna miss that kid, which is weird as I only really have known him for a few months. He came to see 2046 with me last night. He even bought my ticket, because he's a gentleman extraordinare. That movie is a mindjob! I was totally mislead by the previews, but I really enjoyed it. It confused the living crap out of me for the first hour and a half, and then I decided I must be trying to hard and tried to just let it connect itself... and to my surprise - through small details, it actually did. Matt predicted that I wouldn't be able to understand it but he was wrong. I get it, and we had a really good discussion about it (Also, if anyone else has seen it, and wants to have one ... drop me a line!). Come to think of it, Marcus and I have had a ton of really good discussions. For some reason, we opened up to each other really easily and became good friends quickly. I am really grateful for the memories, and hope we stay in touch. I am really lucky to know so many extremely amazing people.

We also watched Nicholas Nickleby last night, and holy crap. So good. Y'all need to see it. I wish I could have lived in the Victorian era. Grass is always greener though, I suppose.

Anyway, I should actually get back to work at some point in time...
Forcast - Grumbling, Laundry, Abundant Profanity, Party!
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