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I've been tagged by the magnificent sasha_black

20 RANDOM things about me meme!

1. I love asparagus. I could sit down, eat a whole pound, and still want more. It's best steamed and with butter. Mmmmmmmmm.

2. When I was little my grandpa and my father built my brother and I a playground in our backyard. It had a swing, a slide, monkey bars, gymnist rings, a mini-trapeze, and a whole fuckload of wood-chips. I was rarely right-side-up in my childhood, and I remember my mother saying that it was a sure sign that I was headed straight for the circus.

3. I get really antsy if I don't travel. I don't know why exactly, but every couple of months or so I need to go somewhere that's at least 2 or 3 hours away.

4. I really love Diddy Kong Racing and Super Smash Bros for 64. Unfortunately, I don't have either but I will gladly accept donations!

5. I have 8 hoodies. None of which I have purchased.

6. I love skateboarding, but I'm really afraid to do it since I broke my rib. I wish I wasn't such a blatant wimp and I hope I will get over it, but the fear of falling is sometimes a bit too much.

7. I have never been given a flower.

8. I really don't like it when people sign off or go away in the middle of an IM. Especially if a vital question has just been asked. It's stupid, but it makes me feel like shit and it drives me nuts.

9. I read a minimum of three books at a time, and I never stop.

10. I am still, though sarcastic and seemingly pessimistic, very idealistic and hopelessly romantic.

11. I have, in the past, febreezed my dog.

12. I believe in premonitions and have experienced several myself.

13. I often go for walks in thunder and/or snowstorms. I think that it is the most peaceful, rejuvinating activity evar.

14. I love dancing. It's something that is kind of dormant, but I get dance cravings like none other.

15. I was totally born 100 years or so too late, at least. I wish I lived in a time of old, where people spoke in beautiful, crisp English, had manners, and wore ridiculous amounts of clothing. Dickens, and all that.

16. I am pretty spastic. I'm a restless person. If I sit still too long, I freak out. I twitch, I flail, and I go slightly mad.

17. Certain songs trigger really specific, sometimes seemingly unrelated, memories for me. It's weird, but I can't even listen to "Don't Speak" by No Doubt anymore. I heard that song the moment I found out my dog had been killed on the highway, and since then, no dice.

18. I am not a morning person. Like, at all. I love me some stars.

19. I love writing and recieving letters. It will often make my whole day.

20. My memory kicks fucking ass... which means that it sucks balls sometimes. I can recall specific scents of a certain location on command, not that I can necessarily share them with others. I seriously remember back to the days when I was learning to walk. It's craaazy!

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