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Plato is lame like playdough.

Today was almost torture. Waking up this morning was hellish, even though I got a full 8 hours of sleep thanks to my good friend Nyquil. Work was filled with bad news, and the search for other employment continues. It's turning into a moral dilemma. I can't decide what I want to do.

I can, however, confidently state that Survey of Dramatic Literature will be hell on earth. It's a terrible pity. I was really looking forward to the class, getting my mitts on some new scripts, have discussions about the interpretations of the texts, etc. Y'know, all that dorky stuff that I happen to love to lengths that are truly ridiculous and potentially obscene. However, the professor bailed and we are left with a neurotic goldfish for a teacher. He stops in the middle of sentences, he goes flying off into outer space at least once every 5 minutes or less, and he started us off with Plato. We spent 2 hours talking about Plato's Republic today, and in that two hours he went on a philosophical rampage without telling us how he even remotely planned to tie it into the course material. And so, without direction, we all start bitching about the hypocrisy of Plato, eviscerate him with his own contradictions, and do our best to make it painfully clear that we are most emphatically not amused. He "has a thing against teaching". He also believes that "you don't need knowledge to teach." He wants to return to Plato on Tuesday, and if'n that be the case, I believe I may have to stage a coup.

However, my dose of babb cheered me right up. Here's my cut.

I also watched Before Sunset today, and I loved it. I haven't even seen Before Sunrise yet, but it's been on my list for awhile. Anyway, it was really easy to follow and ridiculously good. Like Amelie almost, but in english and without the delightful Yann Tiersen tunes. Anyway, it was on one of our "On Demand" channels and I never thought I'd say it, but thank God for cable. Especially since LOST is coming back soon! *insert squee here*

I only have one class tomorrow! Then I'll probably drag my ass to work, because I do need to make some money - even if I hate it with every fiber of my being. Hopefully tomorrow night we'll be able to go see 2046. It looks bloody brilliant. Here's the trailer. It should be a beautiful film. I'm trying to get everyone to go. Then we can have a little party over here, and whatnot. I'm excited. This weekend should be fun.
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