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Courtesy of D-bag Extraordinare...whom I love dearly.

muhnipul8a knows me far too well.

List ten things that make you happy:
in no particular order:
1. my friends
2. music
3. quality film
4. Deep Conversation.
6. writing
7. hugs
8. Coffee or Tea
9. frisbees
10. reading in the sunlight

A lot of things make me ridiculously happy. The breeze, for one. Simple minds, simple pleasures.

List 3 things that bug you. Then tag 5 of your friends. Only list 3 things because you may/can be tagged again.

1. stereotypes
2. poor grammar
3. laundry

You're it: faithlynn, sasha_black, sbryan, stoicism, and lost_polyphony
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