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Oh noes!

Well, here I am. It isn't even quarter after 8 in the morning yet, and I am back inside the Office of Woe. I have been here for over a half an hour. Yet, today I am slightly more optimistic. Why, you ask? Because God's wrath is coming, I can see it out the window, and if/when the skies burst open in a rain of inescapable hellfire, the Office of Woe will melt and then I won't have to be here for the whole day. Calling in dead is totally the best way to get out of work.

Seriously though y'all, the apocalypse is like, so nigh. Like I said, it's just barely after 8 in the morning and the sky is green. It's on its way back to black but yes, the clouds are most definitely green. It's a little disconcerting, but I'll take Oz over Office any day, so whenever that happy little twister wants to come tip over the tool-shed and whisk me off to Munchkin Land, I'm game. Bring it on.

In other work related news, I totally came to the Office of Woe in jeans today. Yeah, it's "dress down Friday" according to Grant but I came in the most casual clothing I could find. Jeans, tank-top, zip-up track jacket. It's kind of a silent protest to the ridiculous high-heel shoes, overly expensive business attire, and lint rollers. Damn the man! Pardon me while I go dump coffee on myself in my fervor. As you can see, I am very dedicated.

Ok. *grumble* Back to work...

ETA: You are Sirius Black! Charming trouble-maker and
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You love all sorts of eggs: scrambled eggs,
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