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High like an Astronaut...

New update in mt_diaries! It took forever but I am so obscenely pleased with it, which was such a pleasant surprise. I am a silver pile of smiles.

I am also ridiculously tired. There's not much to report other than the above. You all should read it, or else I will flay you alive. Work was pretty dull, and I think I'm still recovering from yesterday's satan-cootie. Still, it's a satisfied tired. Especially since I successfully avoided laundry for another few days. I win at life.

I think I'm tapped out for tonight though. I really am considering compiling mt_diaries into a book once there gets to be more of them. I feel really inspired.

This is the fourth consecutive day in a row that I've been genuinely happy. It's delicious. I feel like I've finally dug myself out of my funk and am back to normal. I'm dancing on the inside, and really looking forward to tomorrow.
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