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Taking Back Days Ending in Y

I am tiredomg. And I hear crickets. Mmmm, crickets. (Ok, ew.)

Anyway, the results are in, ya'll. Well done, class.

News Roundup...because I'm tired.

- Just got back from watching 40-year-old Virgin with Marcus, Aaron, and Damon. Basically, it's the straight-male version of a chick-flick. Not as good as Anchorman, though still entertaining. So, yes. In short, chick-flick for boys. In long...uh, ask me tomorrow.

- I wasted a tremendous amount of time with Google Earth today. It's ridiculously amazing. Today I traveled to Tokyo, Perth, London, Paris, Puerto Vallarta, Vancouver, New York, Madison, Chicago, and to Ignace - my equivalent of Walden. Seriously, it's like being on a pogo stick and just jumping around the globe. Except you can click a button and you instantly know where every coffee shop, or hotel, or bar is located. It gives you the address and phone number. It's obscenely addicting. You can even add your own annotations and read notes left by others. The best that I have encountered so far are "Potential Al Quaeda Target" on some random building in New York, and "Why would you need so many fucking parking lots?" in Minneapolis.

- I hear someone playing guitar through the open window. It's lovely.

- Golden Grahams = awesome.

- Also. I found this the other day, and holy hilarity, Batman!

- I updated mt_diaries. Go forth and read!

Anything else that I forgot to mention... clearly isn't as important as sleep. Tonight was a good night.
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