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*taps the podium*

Ok Class... can anyone tell me what happens when Shelby loses her internet for 8 days? I'll give you 24 hours to guess, then ammend this entry with the correct answer and the best guesses.


Most of you do know me, and several of you made very correct assesments.

I.E. _____idioteque: SHE GOES OUT OF HER MIND! or in the words of the lovely, though distinctly not as creative as anticipated faithlynn, "crazygonuts." Props on the awesome new word anyway, doll.

Also, both the charming muhnipul8a, whose shirt I happen to be wearing at this exact moment in time, and the brilliant sbryan, who will inevitably become the most accomplished physicist ever, pointed out that I do, in fact, go online at work. As a side note, I am also prone to using an extraordinary amount of commas in one sentence.

HOWEVER, the best response by far belongs to sasha_black with:
"She drinks, smokes, plots a killing spree, and cooks up a storm for more people than she can POSSIBLY smoosh into her apt."
Yes, indeed. Jen, you know me too well.

The answer, is definitely all of the above, plus the following:

She goes back 260 entries on her friends list and reads every. single. entry. Why? Because I love you all to bits and pieces. *muah* I kiss you!
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