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News Roundup!

Christ it was a crazy weekend!

Motto: "No matter what shit goes down, we still have muffins!"

I admit, I was really nervous. I figured that Damon wasn't going to call, and we weren't going to go, because I honestly thought he wasn't quite ready to see me. I, on the other hand, had been bouncing for a week in a state of, ok-I'm-totally-ok-with-being-friends-but-can-we-actually-be-friends-now?!?! I'm glad the silence has been broken. This weekend was good for that. The driving parts were a touch awkward. We'd talk for a bit, and I'd feel really fucking awesome. Like we were getting back to good, might even get back together if we could just communicate like we should've in the first place. Seriously, I think that's what killed us. Our communication blew during the last month. Anyway, once we got there... it was ridiculously fun. Moreso than I even expected.

I did almost smack a jackass in the face with a stick. He tried taking advantage of me when I was seriously sleep-deprived and inebriated. He tried to force me to kiss him, and kept pulling me around by my belt-loops. I was horrified that Damon might see, and get pissed at me. I really, really am not even close to ready to try to persue another relationship. I honestly don't even know if I'd go out with him again right now. I want to, I really do. I just don't know if it'd work right now... I think it's too soon. We need to take it slow, and I'm surprisingly ok with that. So, when some asshat that I don't even know tries to get on me when I've got a lot of romantic angst built up, I get pissed. There were a couple of times when I had to struggle to keep myself from punching him in the face. I am not a girl to be fucked with. The only reason I didn't was because I was drunk, and he was a good foot taller than me and a hell of a lot stronger. I knew I wouldn't have been able to finish what I'd started, and didn't want to make things worse. Instead, I opted to wield a massive stick 2 inches in front of his face, and make sure that I was never alone with him. Honestly, he's the kind of person that would land me in jail and I wouldn't even regret it.

My only regret was that it went so fast. I wish I would have had more time to relax, especially in that ridiculously comfortable hammock. I averaged 3 hours of sleep a night, but every day was still packed to the max. I wouldn't have it any other way, but I got back and passed the fuck out, yo. We went to the Fair, we had a Harry Potter discussion whilst inebriated, I played a ridiculous amount of piano, met Jacky's Dad & friends, and the four of us we went to the Skate Park (and Jacky and I had a hell of a conversation. I really love that girl. She's one of the few that I really connect with, and one of the select few that I really respect.), Jacky's Dad took me for a 45 minute cruise on his beautiful Harley and that really didn't help my compulsive urge to buy a motorcycle. Still, my ass fell asleep but it was totally worth it. Afterwards he bought us pizza, and then the party began all over again.

I think my favorite memory from the entire weekend was when Damon, Dan, and I were sitting outside drinking and making up songs about the goofiest shit. Dan and I had cut Damon's hair that night, and he looks like a beatle. It's fantastic. So of course, we sang a song about it. Dan makes me want to learn how to play guitar. The envy oozes. We also sang a song about hammocks, and about ... bahh I don't remember. I wish we could have recorded it, because they were hilarious and brilliant. That's... exactly the kind of shit I want to do more often. For the rest of my life, even. Hang out with really good friends, just chill, talk, sing, drink and be merry. Because honestly, when you're living like that, the fuck do you care if tomorrow you shall surely die? You'd know you'd lived well.

I did have a minor breakdown though when we tried to watch the movie The Saw. I literally made it through the first five minutes before I excused myself to go sit out in the rain. Jacky came out and talked to me and I was really glad for it. I love my friends. She's a great girl... and I feel really comfortable talking with her - which freaks me out a bit. I felt like such a piece of worthless, baggagy shit at the time, but it felt really good to let myself just cry in the rain. I really felt like hell when Damon came out, beause he seems to always be around when I'm at my worst. Still, I was really glad that he did. I opened up to him even more, and I honestly don't regret it. I wish he'd do the same to me, though. To me, it seems like he never really did... maybe he will though. I want to know him more than I do. I regret not taking advantage of that ability when I could still call him mine, but at least I'm privy to the fact now. I'm really glad that we're still friends. He offered to switch beds, give me the comfy one. I declined and opted for a hug instead. I was really grateful that he gave me a real hug. It was sincere, and wasn't awkward, thank Christ. I feel like we'll be fine... even if we are romantically finished - though I still don't want that to be the case. =/ When we were driving back, he told me he didn't know how it would be seeing me this soon, but that he thought the weekend went really well. I concur completely. We're supposed to watch Lost together later this week. I hope it actually happens, though with my work schedule I might be ded. D-E-D, ded.

In other, completely unrelated news, my dog is an excrement explosion. I swear, she is a shitbomb. I swear to god she excreted her bodyweight today. I am amazed that there is a dog left.

Now for a bit of ridiculously amazing news, sasha_black and I have started a James and Sirius fic, and it fucking pwns!!!

Hopefully, I will be writing in mt_diaries again soon too. I have at least three entries that need writing. I just need the time to do it. (Y'know, come to think of it, I don't think I ever even mentioned it here before. Odd... check it out if you haven't!)

Work has been eating my soul. I worked 10 hours and 10 minutes today because Grant and I finally secured a new client. We booked 8 people in one hour for a shift that would start in less than 14 from when we made the first call. We're awesome. We're also exhausted. I have to be at work at 8 am, again. Which means... I'm going to sleep.

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