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I will fucking destroy you!!!

Nah. Just playin'. I might destroy Julie Chen though. She is obscenely annoying, and that is, of course, punishable by death. Anyway, on to business.

A List of Cool

- I'm goin' to Wisconsin this weekend! GET READY MOTHAFUCKAAAS! I can't wait to party at Jacky's.

- Jacky and Dan called earlier, and it was hilarious. They rock sideways.

- The essential laundry is done, thank Christ.

- I didn't do jack at work today... and got paid for it. Guess what's on the schedule for tomorrow? Same thang.

- Miah said he'll buy me this for Christmas. *drool* I want.


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Jul. 29th, 2005 04:26 am (UTC)

WISCONSIN!? what's it like there?
well have fun
Jul. 30th, 2005 12:02 pm (UTC)
cold and cows, it's actually warm now, but there's still the cows.
Jul. 31st, 2005 03:46 pm (UTC)
There's always cows.

And lakes! :-D I like those.
Jul. 29th, 2005 10:08 am (UTC)
HAHA rock sidways! Ghetto bruisin' premo pimp paddywhackin glue sniffin rope a dopeness!! :D:D

Hey! Is weekend! Time to throw pants out window aw jeah

- cal
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 29th, 2005 02:02 pm (UTC)
Re: Pants. I DREAM of pants.

This has been a naked plea for attention.

YAAY weekend! Actually I wouldn't be horribly surprised if some clothes went flying. It wouldn't be the first time I've been partially naked at a party. BUT, in all previous instances I've been stripped by gay men so... who knows. The straight ones are a little more wary of my judo chop.

Jul. 29th, 2005 01:39 pm (UTC)
i'm driving through wisconsin. and minnesota. because i'm going to visit NORTH DAKOTA, doncha know?


i even watched fargo to get a fair and balanced view of what my north dakota experience will be like.
Jul. 29th, 2005 01:57 pm (UTC)
Oooh wehll then, help yerself to sem caffeeeee n sem bahrs! Woah wait. You're driving through my states and you didn't tell me? What for? Where are you gonna be when? Is the number you gave me your cell phone? I am so calling you.
Jul. 29th, 2005 03:23 pm (UTC)
ya i like watchin da gophers hawckey, eh.

i JUST found out i'm going, cause my mom and i are roadtrippin it to see my brother before he takes off for iraq. we're leaving the morning of 11 august. NO SLEEP TIL GRAND FORRRRRKS!!!!

yeah the number i gave you is my cell phone. cell. cellie. cell me celery. mobile. whatev.
Jul. 29th, 2005 09:53 pm (UTC)
Right... but you're totally going to stop in Minneapolis on your way back or something and we're gonna have dinner?
Aug. 1st, 2005 04:07 am (UTC)
i dunno, we're on a tight schedule. i'll run it past my mom, since it's her car and all, but she's stubborn :-/
Aug. 1st, 2005 03:08 pm (UTC)
Yeah but ya'll have to eat sometime!
Jul. 29th, 2005 05:14 pm (UTC)
you're coming back and didint feel the tell me? I feel so..... i don't know, all I actually feel is my chest hurting from the morning workout, but still.... you must call child, the last time I saw you was at your brothers graduation but that doesn't count because it was in passing and I didnt get a chance to say hello. And before that it was like oh.. two years, and two is years is a butt load of time. But yeah, give me a call this weekend if youre free, 6085164175 Hope to see you!
Jul. 29th, 2005 09:51 pm (UTC)
Re: Wha!
I'm not gonna be in C'ridge. I'm gonna be in Milwaukee. :(
Jul. 30th, 2005 12:00 pm (UTC)
Re: Wha!
Understandable, Milwaukee is a far better place to visit than came-upon-a-bridge
Jul. 31st, 2005 03:47 pm (UTC)
Re: Wha!

Hey, are you gonna start updating again?
Jul. 31st, 2005 08:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Wha!
That I am little miss, that I am. It ought to get very entertaining with the start of paramedic classes next week. 2 years shoved into 18 weeks, HOO-RAH!
Aug. 1st, 2005 12:48 am (UTC)
Re: Wha!
Yikes. Good luck with that.
Jul. 29th, 2005 08:49 pm (UTC)
awesome! have a great weekend dude.
Jul. 29th, 2005 09:51 pm (UTC)
Don't mind if I do. ;)
Jul. 31st, 2005 09:44 am (UTC)
So sad...
Okay so I was going through my entries. You know reading all the dumb stuff I write and laughing at myself. Forgetting exactly how I felt the moment I wrote it and seeing it as just petty childish jibberish. ANYHOO - then I came across an entry from July 2nd, 2004 - 4:33pm Entitles A Bi Polar Experience. And i noticed there were 2 comments on it. Well to tell you the truth, I hadn't read your comments until today. This very minute. Isn't that sad?!? Its like a year old. Anyways i loved ur comments. And the story about Matt and the damn entry you wrote about meeting him is so F-ing great. You fell for the big M-BOMB as so many of us did. :) anyways yeah I am sure that 90% of his "first encounters" include confusion of the other party. you know the "who is this kid" sort of confusion. Oh its great.

Anyways yeah, thats all i had to say. Oh and I want to reply to your picture entry. Except I don't know how to put a picture on the comments. K well thats it. Take care. Stay in touch!

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