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Flood vs. Car

Flood wins. Hands down. Flood says to Car, "I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!" ... and then does. If you've never heard a car gargle, you haven't lived.

Today was remarkably good. Especially in comparison to yesterday's extreme melancholy... I probably have Matt to thank for that. He cheered me up last night somehow. Damned if I know how it happened, but I'll take it. Work was delightful today. I prank called my boss, hah. Walked back from the bus stop in a torrential downpour, with lightning all around. Sometimes I wonder if my angst doesn't conjure really bitchin' storms, because yesterday's build-up could have, I tell you what. Anyway, Nic came over and we were going to go shopping because honestly, 3 acceptable work-outfits for a 5 day work week just doesn't cut it; however, the storm pretty much killed that possibility. The roads were hell and we bailed. Instead, we opted to watch cars try to conquer the flooded obstacle that was once Humboldt Ave. The water was insanely high, and it was hilarious because the sprinklers were still on. We started taking bets on which car would start smoking, who would chicken out, and it was a ridiculously good time. Highly amusing. There were a couple kids riding through it on bikes, and a giant Chevy Suburban came by and almost knocked them over with the obscene wall of water that it splashed up. I was laughing so hard I almost fell into a puddle.

So, instead of shopping Nic and I went out for sushi and it has been far too long since I had fresh sushi. Apparently, Sushi Tango has sushi happy hour, where everything is uber cheap. So. Full. We each got a caterpillar roll - which was to die for, we split a california roll, and then got fried green tea ice cream for dessert which might just be one of my new favorite things. 'Twas a lovely evening, and I miss hanging out with Nic. It's been a really long time since just he and I had time to chill. Faith called us too which was lovely. I miss her like whoa. I miss a lot of people... Jen should be calling me in mere minutes though! AND Matt and Shane are coming to visit in August though. I am ecstatic!

Dan called me back today too, so I feel a lot better about the whole "I-don't-want-to-lose-my-friends" situation. I'll probably call him back tomorrow, see if we can scrap together some information on the party this weekend. I still really want to go... haven't talked to Damon yet but... we'll see. I'm still not going to budge on the calling issue... it's got to be his call. I miss him though. This prolonged silence feels like a lie. Like it's something we tell ourselves is necessary, but neither really wants. I don't know. I could be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time... but my fortune cookie told me to trust my instincts.
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