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repressive "educating" bastards.

Man, tomorrow is my last day of vacation. I WANT MY FLARGIN FREEDOM! I dont learn anything at school anyway. Already i'm sick of the homework and i'm sick of the expectations and i'm sick of everyone relying on me for stuff and i'm sick knowing i'm gonna be surrounded by plastic people i despise. they all can just fuck off! Maybe i just wont go. snarl anywho, i updated my entire web page. woo. me = overachiever. pretty soon i'll be getting rid of that 'festive' shit.

Damn the man.

i am totally screwwed up. I talked with ian again today, woah, two wopping days in a row. woo. for a fuggin minute. He had a friend over, so he basically told me he went partying last night and is kinda hungover and that he had a friend over and that he'll call me back later. .o0(oh really? well we'll see wont we...) Out of boredom i called up there to talk to mum & dad and whatnot...i thought that maybe he said he had a friend over as an excuse to get off the phone with me cuz he's kinda been a little weird if you know what i mean. And me, being the self-concious person i'm not - just figure that it being me, he doesnt really wanna talk to me and just did the "friend" ploy to let me down easier. shrug however, that isnt what mum & dad say... maybe i'm just a messed up chunkmonger.
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