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So then...

WHOROSCOPE: Before you take off on vacation, you need to take care of business. You know it and your sweetheart knows that they're playing a part in it, too. Let them participate in both the duty and the rewards.

Ok... what the fuck, whoroscope? Fuck you.

Sorry Whoroscope, guess I'm a bit touchy. It's been a... strange couple of days for yours truly and I don't really know what to make of things at this point. So we'll skip a lot of the internal cacaphony that is my thoughts today.

Apparently I have aquired a job. I work in a corporate suite, and spend a lot of time joking around with my coworkers. Evidently, I was also interviewed by the CEO of the company - which was a little tidbit of information that fairly well rocked my world today. I didn't know they came down to mingle with the little people... Overall I'm just really glad I have a convenient and flexible job that pays well, offers benefits, and keeps me occupied for 8 hours a day. On that note, I'm off to go finish HBP. I don't really feel like writing which makes this a very odd day indeed.

ETA: It's a kick in the face when friends turn into something cold and cruel.
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