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Medical Report...

Good News: It's not strep! Nor is it mono, thank dear, sweet, merciful Christ. It's a virus, and therefore I don't have to spend any money on meds! Rawk!
Bad News: It's a virus... so there ain't nothin' I or anyone can do about it. Thus, even though I save I sufferrrrrrrr.
Good News: I found a cure for my insomnia! Oddly enough, it's Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes, the movie that I really like with dashingly handsome actors, canonfire, shreiking, pounding tribal drums... basically just a whole buttload of noise. But hey! It works. I slept like a baby for 9 hours.
Bad News: Now my body wants more and more sleep to make up for the fact that I got next to none for 3 days. Also, I really like actually watching that movie.

Other News:
Good News: Erberts & Gerberts by the U is hiring, and when I went in for an application the kid that gave it to me offered to "put in a good word for me." I've never seen him before... ever.
Bad News: He probably won't have any good words when he finds out that I have a boyfriend. Heh...
Good News: Drink!bar is hiring, again. I'm going to go in there and pester them. I am also going to go pester every single business on that block.
Bad News: They're probably going to be hella picky because I'm not 21 and don't have a full year of documented serving experience, in which case I'll just have to kill them dead.

Right then... regroup. Begin Operation HIREMEOMG!

ETA: More good news! The results from my blood tests came back and I am fit as a fiddle! Except for the part where I totally feel like death.
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