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Fear and Loathing in the Kitchen...

Ok, so apparently I am completely incapable of getting even 4 measly hours of sleep. This is so beyond irritating.

Day 2 of Operation Clean started off with a bang at 9 a.m., and many mighty and worthy adversaries have fallen. The refrigerator has been tackled! The counters organized and antibacterialized! The dishwasher loaded, unloaded and then loaded again! The sinks scrubbed until the metallic glint was blinding! I am feeling very triumphant; although, I might have to arrange some sort of treatise with Lysol before it kills me. It seriously got to the point where I would run out of the kitchen to desperately gasp for clean air and then sprint back in to scrub as if my life depended on it until I couldn't hold my breath anymore. I think I scared the hell out of Gucci in the process. Christ, the things I do for sanitation. I think I'm going to cough up part of my trachea, and I haven't even touched the microwave yet. Eek.
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