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i'm a creepy vegan weirdo!

and i love it! woo! i've been rockin out to weezer for the longest time, and i am so totally spunky. its freaking me out. could be because i talked with IaN today. lmfao..i am such an obsessed teenybopper.

speaking of teenyboppers, all you should join my fan club dammit.
Join! I own you biotch!!

For real though, i talked with ian today, he kinda spazzed. i was suprisingly calm. and i know one thing, he still likes meeeeee. I own him. He will be mine, yes oh yes. I donno, i really could go either way. friends is cool, girlfriend is cooler, wife is wicked, but either way i'm good. i'm asposta call tomorrow, dont know if i should. i dont wanna seem obsessed, cuz i'm not really. I'm just bored and i still love him. there is a fine line between love and obsession and i havent crossed it yet.

Happy fuggin New Year btw...

I also have a list of guys that i have deemed dreamy.
1.) sean biggerstaff
2.) Johnny Whitworth
3.) Ethan Embry

Empire Records is a rockin movie . . . . . . It's Moshy. =w=
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