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Journalistic Appropriation: Out of Cite, Out of Mind.

Gah! *twitch* I feel frisky! I am actually frisking! *frisks*

... I want to learn how to Tango. And Samba. And every other dance that implies frisk.

*frisks violently*

I don't know what it is about today. I'm really energetic, really impatient, and frisky. Super-mega-hyper-ultra-frisktacious. I took Gucci for a run, I cleaned a bit, did some more job searching, talked to the family, read for about 2 hours, took a shower, and I still feel like someone injected me with electricity. I think I need to travel. Thank god for Montana... I just wish I could alter the list of attendees a smidge. Still, mountain biking in the mountains... white water rafting... maybe that'll quell my fires, but I doubt it. I need to go to the library before we leave because if I don't have proper reading materials, I will be certifiably bonkers by the time I get back. Moreso than I already am, anyway. *frisk frisk*

I think Gucci just unplugged the blender. 0_o She smells horrible. Febreeze won't touch it. I'm sick of chasing her around the house with the bottle anyway. I'm tempted to dump her in the tub, but I know she will be h-o-w-l-i-n-g. Seriously, I need to dogproof this apartment. She can open up the cupboards, and has gotten into the trash a couple of times. That needs to not happen. At least she's not a zombie... no more info on that though. I really want to see if a reputable news source actually picks that story up and takes it somewhere. I find it interesting that the Aussi's were the first to report on a breakthrough that evidently happened in the gullet of America. Still... fuckin' dog-zombies, man. Wee undead beasties. No thanks. *frisk of disapproval*

Jorge is finally on his way to go under the knife/wrench. I wrote a threatening message to any technician that tries to fuck with the hard drive. Heads will roll if anything happens to that thing, especially my novels and my music. I'm not even joking. Doom. Doom and blood.

... I am a ball of FRISK.

Sorry, it can't be helped.


*frisk frisk frisk frisk frisk frisk!!*
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